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Pillar Surplus has worked very hard to expand business over the years with positive and productive attitudes. We strive to serve our customers with the utmost level of professionalism. So, it is important for us to provide customers with a great experience and fair pricing if we want them to return. We are continuously looking for new ways to reach out to current and new customers by reviewing prices making sure that they are fair but competitive.
Though saving consumers money on hard to find parts, our sales, price cuts and clearance events are pointless if people do not even know that we exist. Word of mouth is an excellent testament for growing a business, but when it comes to international marketing, it is a long slow process. Pillar Surplus now participates on social media platforms like Facebook, Google Circles and Blogger. LinkedIn is also coming into consideration.
Therefore, with the continuous marketing efforts of the business, we have been able to ship to forty-seven of …
After nearly thirty years of rebuilding, manufacturing, and supplying parts and machines, along with collecting even more parts from auctions and close-outs, stock started to overfill with units unrelated to Pillar Manufacturing ( As theses parts began to stock pile, it was realized that something had to be done. The question of “what” had became tough and it would just be a waste to send all of these items to a landfill. There had to be another way. So with deep thought, an outlet was born called Pillar Surplus in 2013.

Pillar Surplus is a business built off countless dusty new and good used parts. The parts are considered our “hidden gems” for electrical or industrial purposes, vehicles, machinery, construction, and not to forget our additional tools, manuals, and miscellaneous supplies adding on to our growing inventory. Most of our inventory is quality new, old stock. Many of the parts have been untouched for years, packed away in storage and show signs of shelf we…
We hit record sales in a single day Monday!! This is a huge accomplishment! Thank you to our customers for helping us reach this milestone.