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The Importance of Vehicle Maintenance
As our boss over at Pillar Surplus would say, “The most important things are safety, safety, safety!” So, since March is our Vehicle Sale Special, we saw the opportunity to talk about the importance of vehicle maintenance. Building this awareness can possibly help our customers to be as safe as we are over here at Pillar Surplus.
I found that even when it comes to vehicle parts that seem minor, repairs should not be procrastinated and should be corrected as soon as possible. Each part is like a gear that keeps all the other gears spinning. Moving through icy winters, spring floods, and summer potholes, your car goes through a lot! From belts, brake parts, fuses, air filters, and lights they all have a job that will help provide our customers the convenience and safety needed for the road.
An air filtermay be one of your least concerns in your vehicle, but filters prevent pollutants, dust, smog, mold, spores, and unwanted debris from entering ins…
Frequently Asked Questions are an effective way to help us sell products and service customers without being present. It is a way to advise the customers that are feeling cautious about hitting the checkout button to make a purchase. With that being said, giving you the information you might need and to gain your trust, we present our answers to our frequently asked questions.
Frequently Asked Question #1: Can you ship all my purchased items together? Yes, we can combine shipping costs for customers and send them at once.  Most often, the items can be shipped together in the same package. Doing this can also reduce shipping costs for our customers. Frequently Asked Question #2: Can I pick up what I purchased at Pillar Surplus? Surely, arrangements can be made. Just give us a call and come down to our front office.  Our business hours Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Frequently Asked Question #3: Do you ship internationally? Of course! Even if the customer is out of the count…