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Once again, hello buying world! Today, we want you to get to know the people running the company behind the scenes. 
The founder, Greg Pillar, is the dawn of it all. Greg has forty-five plus years of experience under his belt, including his work at Getman Corporation, which has provided him an excellent knowledge of parts and machines. He gained an interest in finding and rebuilding parts and machines which makes him quite handy for the business he established in 1985.
Following in his footsteps is his son, Scott Pillar. Scott was raised around the manufacturing environment since the age of ten. At first, he started off with simple but dreadful chores, such as sweeping and cleaning the shop. With his direct involvement, he eventually worked himself into his current position as vice president of the company and continues to progressively increase his knowledge on unique parts and machines daily.
Together these men have traveled to multiple places, in and out of the country, gainin…
Hello buying world! I wanted to take a moment to introduce to you Pillar Surplus. We are a growing online seller of surplus parts and commodities. Pillar Surplus was born as an outlet for the left-over items and overstock that our parent company acquired through the auctions and and buy-outs that the company participated in. Instead of sending these items to the scrapyard, they took up valuable warehouse space and collected dust. Finally, in 2013, the amount of stuff that had been squirreled away over the years became too much to ignore. 

BEHOLD...Pillar Surplus was born. At first, the volume of items was overwhelming. Then, a plan was devised and inventorying these items began. Items were assigned lot numbers for identification and pricing was decided. Items were listed on eBay for the buying world to purchase. It was becoming apparent that the stock pile of items was large enough to warrant a website in hopes to reach the rest of the buying community. Getting the surplus items in to …