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Meet the Pillar Surplus Team!
Meg Spiece – Department Manager/Team Leader Company Experience: She was originally a Receptionist at Pillar Manufacturing starting in 2012. She then stepped up in May of 2015 as the Pillar Surplus Team Leader. Job Description: She helps us Burros solve most of the problems we encounter daily. Meg works with the Research and Inventory Specialists of Pillar Surplus identifying parts as well as handling customer calls and emails. When working with her, she strives to give the best customer service possible.  Fun Fact: Meg used to rescue reptiles a lot when she was younger.

Sy Overmyer-- Research and Inventory Specialist Company Experience: He joined our company in September 2017. Job Description: He is responsible for ensuring that inventory records are accurate. Daily, he is organizing and researching information on the parts we have in stock and sell and prepares item listings for the products on our website. He also does product sourcing on items for custome…
Hello Blogger Buds! 
I wanted to let you guys know about some current events happening at Pillar Surplus. Without following our Facebook or being subscribed to our Newsletter, you may not have heard about our new category on the website. Some items have been in our stock for way too long, so we’re taking 30% OFF on our parts under the new Clearance tab. Parts are always aging, so parts will always be added. Check in consistently to find things you may need at a discounted price at
Pillar Surplus is also having a Quantity Sale. If you buy a larger quantity, receive a larger discount!  Buying 6-8 of one of the selected parts below to get 15% OFF your purchase, or buy 9-11 of them for 20% OFF.Keep in mind, when making these large purchases, make sure you request combined shipping to save even more money. Feel Free to Follow our Facebook, to be kept in-sync with all the products that are selected for this sale, images will be shown. 

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