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The Power of Comparative Shopping

In this era, customer loyalty means a lot less. When shopping, it’s normal for a customer to be uncertain about what they are exactly looking for; most people naturally comparative shop in order to define their actual goal of what they want and need to buy. Without even realizing it, consumer’s attention becomes selective and encodes congruent information of their goal, building certainty over time.

Factors like price, quality, features, and sometimes service (like the speed of shipping and supportive assistance, if needed) go into consideration between different brands or locations when comparative shopping. Marketing the business’s sales, and/or the strength of the brand’s presence can also create a greater amount of attraction for the product being compared by consumers.
Online shopping helps to put all these factors to compare at the touch of your hands. In fact, 59% of shoppers prefer e-tailing because of that convenience, outpacing the tradition…
The Value of Preventative Maintenance
The primary goal of maintenance is to make sure things are operating at a satisfactory level to avoid failure. All technology needs some sort of maintenance at a point in time, whether it be your vehicle, tractor/machinery, heating and cooling systems, or even just a toaster.
I have personally seen preventative maintenance not be prioritized at another place I’ve worked. When the program was not prioritized, our toaster broke down and later on short-circuited the rest of the equipment within the store. After the toaster, it was the coffee brewer, then the water pumps, then the water heater, one breaking down after another. It felt like there was a new problem every day. Luckily, the store eventually went back to normal after 2-3 weeks and after multiple expenses... This situation brought on many inconveniences for us employees and a few guests.
The Preventative Maintenance Program creates habits to help maintain a successful business like efficiency…