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What Kind of Earth-Minded Decisions Do You Make Daily?: A Question All Businesses Should Consider
 All resources used to create your product or service starts from some form of nature. Businesses easily can put out air pollution, water waste, land pollution, marine and coastal pollution, hazardous material, solid waste, pesticides, radiation, dust (asbestos), lead and oil during production. Without even considering environmental impact, resources can become limited very quickly.
China’s industry dominates its economy. With so much carbon coming from businesses, they are becoming indirectly responsible for thousands of deaths of China’s citizens. But let’s move a little closer to home, Ohio, United States. Ohio is the number one state polluting through power plants and through other industries.  36.4 million pounds of harmful chemicals were emitted into the environment in 2010 from Ohio, not including the 4,210 pounds of industrial mercury air pollution itself. So again, I ask, what ea…