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The Key to Customer Confidence 
Many factors contribute to the construction of a company’s customer confidence. Enforcing these factors into business does have large importance because customer loyalty, revenue, brand, and competition all rely on customer confidence. Customers are the running blood of all business… So, without their confidence, is your company even alive? Luckily, confidence is something that can be lost but easily gained. You should be seeking feedback, maintaining relationships, transparency, have goals beyond profit and ease of payment.  From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday to accomplish these additional tasks, we assist customers through phone and email. Our employees are eager to foster these relationships with quick response and undivided attention while assisting the concerned customers. Satisfaction will grow and trust will be gained when maintaining relationships becomes one of the priorities on your business’s list. Another way to gain trust withi…
Acquiring Unique Parts
Large metal shipping containers full of crates are brimming with product to send and inventory. Pillar Surplus helps provide customer convenience by stocking up on unique and hard to find parts. If someone ever comes up dry searching a part from a specific brand, they have Pillar Surplus to lean on. We have had multiple interactions with auctions and close-outs to collect these desired parts. Engaging with our recent auctions has imported in our quality Bobcat and Caterpillar parts, vehicle filters, hydraulic hammer parts, and Dodge truck parts fro example. Older auctions have delivered in parts like bearings from various locations into our inventory as well.
When it comes to researching a unique, discontinued or rare part in inventory, it can be challenging. For example, we had a Caterpillar part from the 1970’s with part number 5P94 it became very complicated to research. So, after not being able to find this part online we flipped through multiple manuals, …