Meet the Pillar Surplus Team!

Meg Spiece – Department Manager/Team Leader
Company Experience: She was originally a Receptionist at Pillar Manufacturing starting in 2012. She then stepped up in May of 2015 as the Pillar Surplus Team Leader.
Job Description: She helps us Burros solve most of the problems we encounter daily. Meg works with the Research and Inventory Specialists of Pillar Surplus identifying parts as well as handling customer calls and emails. When working with her, she strives to give the best customer service possible. 
Fun Fact: Meg used to rescue reptiles a lot when she was younger.

Sy Overmyer-- Research and Inventory Specialist
Company Experience: He joined our company in September 2017.
Job Description: He is responsible for ensuring that inventory records are accurate. Daily, he is organizing and researching information on the parts we have in stock and sell and prepares item listings for the products on our website. He also does product sourcing on items for customers when possible to add to the level of customer service Pillar Surplus tries to provide to their customers.
Fun Fact: "Um... I like to play video games?" (This was a hard question for Sy ha-ha) 

Heather Thorndyke – Research and Inventory Specialist 
Company Experience: She joined Pillar Surplus in June 2018.
Job Description: Heather documents and records information on our inventory and prepares the item listings you find on our website. She is new to the team and will be a helpful asset as she gains further experience within our company. 
Fun Fact: "My kids come first and I am very passionate about cooking."

Kirsten Kneller -- Marketing
Company Experience: I started in December of 2018 at Pillar Surplus. At the start of my experience, I was a Van Buren Technology Center Marketing Student and became a DECA State Qualifier while attending the marketing program through the Tech Center.
Job Description: I am the one posting on social media for Pillar Surplus and I explore advertising methods to promote our inventory and the company as a whole. (Thank you for the support)  
Fun Fact: I will be attending college a year early and I like playing soccer and basketball.


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