The Advantages of Surplus Items

Buying surplus items can mean different things to different people. Some people are wary of purchasing such items because they believe that the items are no good. Others recognize them as a way to save a fairly significant amount of money. For the latter group of folks, there are great deals to be had. Often times they can find genuine parts without paying the higher costs through a regular retailer or dealer. 

Surplus items can come from a variety of sources. These can come from companies closing down, businesses reducing slow selling stock or even from businesses that order excess only to be left with items that cannot be returned to the vendor that they purchased them from. Of course, these are only a few examples. Some companies will sell them to an auction company to relieve themselves of the stock, others send them to the landfill because they cannot find someone to take the items. Either one of these ways means lost profit for the company. It can also mean perfectly good parts never find the well-deserved home that they were created for. 

This is where surplus companies come in. Surplus companies specialize in getting these types of items in to the hands of consumers for a much lower cost. Some surplus companies specialize in a particular commodity and others are not picky and will sell any surplus items that they can get out to consumers. These types of surplus companies usually have a broader category list and even some of the harder to find parts.

The surplus items can be new, slightly used, opened packages, missing parts, etc. No matter what the condition, these items still have usefulness to them. Have you ever need just one piece replaced, but the retailer you are shopping with is trying to sell you an entire new assembly? Frustrating, isn’t it? Of course. This is where surplus companies shine. It can take some time to hunt down the right company to fit your needs but can be very worth it in the end. The savings make it worthwhile. 

If you are purchasing surplus products online, it is best to purchase from a surplus
company that provides photos of the items. This lets you see the true condition of the product and reduces your questions about what you are truly purchasing. We all have different opinions of what “good, used”, “slight blemishes” and “like new” can mean. There is no worse disappointment than reading a description, placing your order and receiving the item only to find that it did not meet your definition of the terms used in the description. Photos help you make a better decision.

What you can expect from our items:

Pillar Surplus wants you to be satisfied with the products you purchase from us. Each listed item has a description to define the condition of the product we are offering for sale. Below are some terms that you may see to describe the item that you are interested in purchasing.

New-In Box or New in Packaging - Product is in its original manufacturer packaging and has never been used. It may have been opened by us to fully verify and identify the product and to provide photos for our listing.

New-No Box or New Without Packaging - Product appears to be new and unused but is not in original manufacturer packaging. Item may also contain unmarked packaging to keep smaller pieces together or to keep the item protected.

Old Stock - Item appears to be unused and has been in storage for some time. This means that it may contain shelf wear (scratches, dust, etc.)

Refurbished - Item has been refurbished and/or have re-manufactured by the manufacturer or its authorized repair facility. We do not perform this service and offer no warranties.

Used - Product has obviously been used but still has useful life left. It is quite often that these products are in excellent condition or can have consumable/wear parts changed by the buyer and put back into service. There may or may not be replaceable parts available within our inventory to serve this purpose.

Parts Only - Item is intended as a parts source only - actual working function is unknown. This description is also used for incomplete packages. Often times, we are unable to test these items. These items are NOT eligible for return UNLESS we shipped the wrong product to you.

Do you regularly purchase surplus items? Tell us about your experiences, tips and ideas.


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