After Reading “Eight Major Upcoming Industry Trends—And How to Prepare for Them” (Forbes, 2018)

The other day I was looking for industry news that could educate me and create an interesting post for Blogger. I was led to the article written by Forbes about upcoming industry trends, reminding me that way we communicate is always evolving. All of the upcoming industry trends will strengthen the field of marketing (yay for me), advancing relationships with customers and sales increase.

The “Eight Trends”, presented by Forbes’s Communication Council are:
1. Convergence of Brand and Performance Marketing*
2. Ads Used to Promote Industry Changes
3. Increased Focus on Experiential Marketing*
4. Using more Marketing and Sales Automation
5. Re-targeting and Programmatic Advertising
6. Content Marketing* of Industrial Brands
7.  Advocating for Diversity of Thought
8. Changes in Customer Data Collection and Use

So, what does this mean for businesses? The changes within marketing that are happening in the next two years are essential for consistent growth in sales in order to grab attention, keep consumers on their toes by thinking outside the box, promoting the industries changes and prioritizing touch points with prospects. When frequently applying those three things to the company’s advertised media, it can trigger the audience to take actions such as interacting with and purchasing from the business.

Technology is advancing just for you! The following trends want marketers to have a deep understanding of your audience. By utilizing various marketing tools, tactics and styles; the business’s advertising can be created efficiently. 

“Spend less time chasing dead ends and more time building relationships” (Infusion Soft, 2018).

Pillar Surplus needs to continue to adapt more to the digital world and use it to reach customers in a more creative way compared to the competition. With skillful analyzation and the right motivation, businesses can thrive at their best potential!

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* Brand Marketing- Marketing by promoting brands that identify with a reputation of quality and trustworthiness.
* Performance Marketing- Marketing that is based off advertising with measurable results.
(Mark Gibson, 2017. Brand marketing vs. performance marketing, The Next Us.

* Experiential Marketing- Engagement that invites and encourage participation in the company’s changes/growth. (Origins of event marketing)
* Content Marketing- Creating original content and publishing it on your company’s owned media properties.  (Forbes Communication Council, 2018. Eight Major Upcoming Industrial Trends…, Forbes.


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