Optimizing Your Hydraulic Systems with Cartridge Valves

Cartridge valves are one of the many hydraulic parts we have in stock that associate with the pressure, directional, and flow control valves that screw into captive fasteners to provide substantial energy savings. With advancing electronic controls and greater flexibility, they will become even more affordable with a design that allows customization for hydraulic circuits using a machined manifold block.  

Using a cartridge valve in a hydraulic system eliminates the amount of piping, creating efficiency.  That efficiency allows the lightweight and compacted valve to accommodate simplified installation, reducing labor and costs. The whole system becomes, ”50% lighter when using the cartridge valve compared to using the smallest common-cavity valve,” (Gordon Dow, 2017). Though the load capacity of the machine relies on every pound of each hydraulic part installed, so lifts have to have an equivalence for safety.

To have receive all the benefits of the cartridge valve, hydraulic fluid must maintain cleanliness with a high flow rate and leak free control. “70% of all hydraulic equipment breakdowns can be attributed to be contaminated by the hydraulic fluid,” (Gordon Dow, 2017).  Then the hydraulic can be easy to service and maintain. 


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